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Here's a little bit about who we are & what we do...

Our Story:

Collect Rx was started in 2006 by founders who pioneered the out-of-network industry. Over the years, we have helped over 4,900 providers maximize their out-of-network reimbursements amongst ASCs, behavioral health, physician practices, labs, hospitals & more.
Our name is unique to the service we do: Collect Rx is your prescription for increasing cash flow and managing A/R as you focus your attention on patient care.

Our Services include:

  • Billing / AR (Revenue Cycle) Management
  • Upfront Recovery
  • Post-Payment Recovery

Dealing with the Payors: "Appeals"

Did you know you can go back up to 12 months to recover more money from past paid claims?

You need an investigative expert on your side!

Dealing with the Payors: "Negotiations"

When the payors or their vendors try to negotiate your claim to its lowest point, what do you do? How can you stop them?

Watch to find out!

Upfront Recovery

When 3rd party vendors reach out to negotiate an upfront settlement, we step in using our proprietary data to maximize these reimbursements. Our typical providers have seen an average increase of 59% from initial offers!

Some providers will even see reimbursements as high as 90% of charges!

Post-Payment Recovery

We use technology & specialized expertise to comb through payor portals, EDI feeds, and EOBs to identify denials, underpayments, and 3rd party priced claims. We then use our proprietary data to challenge the pricing decision to recover you more money.

On average we increase our clients’ initial payments by 87%!